A DAO curating & commissioning AFROFUTURISM
while promoting africa's web3 creators

We build & maintain distribution channels to provide African art
and history assets a platform to successfully launch into Web3

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Welcome to the Afrofuture

The year is 2040. It's been a decade since a grass-roots revolution swept across Africa throwing off the shackles of poverty long imposed by nefarious actors and corrupt government officials. The Afrofuture Citadel was established along with the circulation of $Afrofuture, an Ethereum-based social currency. This quickly turned Africa into humanity's primary driver of scientific advancement. A council of 540 Afrofuturists were established, becoming widely recognized as the Afrofuture Mafia. This is their story.

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Meet the Mafia members
Become a steward of the $AFTR Vault

The $AFTR Vault contains 5k hours of raw video content and 2.5 million photographs gathered from 1963-96. It represents one of the world’s greatest unexplored historical artifacts. Afrofuture Mafia NFT holders unlock Vault access and vote each quarter on the next photos rolled out to the public.

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